Final Fantasy VIII

There are many characters in the world of Final Fantasy VIII. Most of them are friendly, but some are not. Below are the main players in the story, whose influence is the greatest on how things become. Most are allies of Squall's, but some are not.

Characters of Final Fantasy VIII

Name: Squall LeonheartAge: 17Gender: MaleWeapon: GunbladeOccupation: SeeD Canidate Squall is the hero of FF8. The story revolves around his rising to SeeD ranking, and unfolds from a simple mission to an overrun town into an epic adventure. Squall is a loner, and dislikes the company of others.
Name: Rinoa HeartilyAge: 17Gender: FemaleWeapon: Hand BowOccupation: Resistance Member Rinoa is a free-willed woman who's nature sends Squall into confusion, as it is just the opposite of his own. She is enthusiastic about everything, but is nonetheless very serious about what she does.
Name: Seifer AlmasyAge: 18Gender: MaleWeapon: GunbladeOccupation: SeeD Canidate Seifer, like Squall, uses a Gunblade as his key weapon. However, he considers Squall to be his rival, and will do anything he can to best him. He has allied himself with two fellow students, Fujin and Raijin.
Name: Zell DinchtAge: 17Gender: MaleWeapon: FistsOccupation: SeeD Canidate Zell, as his name implies, is very zealous about SeeD. He will stop at no end to prove his worth to others. He is not good at taking insults, however, and will often cringe when he is insulted. He's always up for a fight.
Name: Selphie TilmittAge: 17Gender: FemaleWeapon: NanchakuOccupation: SeeD Canidate Selphie is a recent transfer student from another garden. Her love-and-peace nature often confuses and bewilders those she works with. She's a very dedicated person, and is determined to make the Garden Festival a success.
Name: Quistis TrepeAge: 18Gender: FemaleWeapon: WhipOccupation: Garden Instructor Quistis is Squall's teacher. She feels a certain bonding with Squall, and often finishes his sentences for him (which often annoys Squall). She was a SeeD at age 15, and an instructor at 17, but some think she grew up too fast.
Name: Irvine KinneasAge: 17Gender: MaleWeapon: RifleOccupation: Student at Galbadia Garden Irvine is a sharpshooter, and a lady's man. He joins Squall and the others by the order of his Garden's headmaster, in order to complete an assignment. But despite his cool exterior, he's not so calm on the inside...
Name: EdeaAge: UnknownGender: FemaleWeapon: StaffOccupation: The Sorceress Edea is a mysterious woman in many ways. She is known as "the Sorceress" in Galbadia, and appears to have an intent of taking over that country. Little else is known about her.
Name: Laguna LoireAge: 27Gender: MaleWeapon: Machine GunOccupation: Ex-Galbadian Soldier Laguna is a mysterious man who Squall occasionally "becomes", so to speak. Their lives are somehow intertwined, but how is not clear at first. Laguna wants to become a journalist, and prefers to fight with a pen instead of a sword.

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